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We Are In Love. So Why Aren't We Truly Happy?


By Railey Molinario, the Love Educator

True Love is not a feeling, as feelings often come and go like snowy days and favourite foods. True Love is an action, a commitment, and a promise that when paired with relationship intelligence can create happy and healthy relationships.

Without relationship intelligence we can defend Love even when our actions prove otherwise. A husband that emotionally abuses his wife or a couple that constantly throw insults during fights, fights that happen on a regular basis. How is it possible we perform such actions and yet say we Love our partner?

Well, when we use Love to describe a feeling, this is easy to do. But when we use the word Love to describe an action, and commitment and a promise and pair that with relationship intelligence, it requires much more responsibility.

Once we master the 4 pillars of relationship intelligence we can not only Love our partner but create happy and healthy THRIVING relationships.

Signs you are unhappy

  • You prefer spending more time with friends and family than your partner

  • You've stopped dating

  • Your sex life is underwhelming

  • You feel misunderstood

  • You go more than a day without getting excited about doing something with your partner

  • Around your partner you feel the need to be alone

  • You avoid bringing up certain topics for discussion for fear of arguement

  • You hold grudges and talk about the same negative aspects about your partner and/ or relationship over and over again

  • One of you seems to always be defensive

  • One or both of you lacks gratitude or show of appreciation

Happiness can be achieved by creating a successful THRIVING relationship through relationship intelligence.

The Power Couple Success Method identifies the 4 pillars of relationship intelligence and guides couples through how to utilise them in order to create a solid foundation for long lasting relationships. You will learn how to use these in order to reach your relationship goals resulting in a happier and healthier life.

Through the Power Couple Success Method you will gain the tools required to allow you to navigate your journey.

Your relationship must thrive. No longer is it enough to survive. You deserve to be happy.

Ready to take your relationship to the next level and create the thriving life and relationship you deserve? Start with your Consultation so we can analyse your relationship goals.


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