We Are In Love. So Why Aren't We Truly Happy?


By Railey Molinario, the Love Educator

True Love is not a feeling, as feelings often come and go like snowy days and favourite foods. True Love is an action, a commitment, and a promise that when paired with relationship intelligence can create happy and healthy relationships.

Without relationship intelligence we can defend Love even when our actions prove otherwise. A husband that emotionally abuses his wife or a couple that constantly throw insults during fights, fights that happen on a regular basis. How is it possible we perform such actions and yet say we Love our partner?

Well, when we use Love to describe a feeling, this is easy to do. But when we use the word Love to describe an action, and commitment and a promise and pair that with relationship intelligence, it requires much more responsibility.

Once we master the 4 pillars of relationship intelligence we can not only Love our partner but create happy and healthy THRIVING relationships.