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Happiness Mindset Coach

Meet Nanci

As a Happiness Mindset Coach, Author, Speaker, Spiritual Teacher and Pilates Instructor, Nanci Reed supports heart-centered, intuitive, women value their Self at the level of their biggest Dream, not their doubts, even before the Dream fully comes true without the paralysis of perfectionism, imposter syndrome, self-judgment or comparisons by gently shifting limiting beliefs into affirming ones, guided by a mindset reflecting deliberate kindness and curiosity to invite total transformation of their mind, body and spirit so they can manifest sustainable, lasting happiness and empowered decision-making on every level.

She nurtures and inspires perfectly imperfect active decision makers and life participants who believe in the reality of their dreams, and who share an even bigger collective Dream of manifesting the best life experience not only for themself but for all those that share the world with them.

If it’s possible for Nanci and the 1000+ clients she’s supported so far, then it’s possible for you too. Becoming and being the same you on the inside, motivated by fully believing you are worthy to show-up exactly as you are with everyone, everywhere, makes everything different in your life. Instead of trying to fit yourself into a frame of impossible perfectionism, you get to reframe what is really possible while being your perfectly imperfect Self so that you can reclaim the infinite abundance and prosperity that is your divine and natural inheritance. Your real Self-Worth is priceless and timeless.

This results in manifesting the life of your Dreams while feeling fully connected to sustainable happiness, before anyone outside of you says you are worthy of receiving it. You get to choose how to show-up. You don’t control ‘what’ happens. You do though have sole responsibility to choose how to interpret each instant of your life. You get to create from a place of inherent Value, not lack and you get to ask for what you most desire while listening to the gentle whispers of your heart without needing to justify anything to anyone.

Now is always the perfectly imperfect time to begin valuing yourself at the level of your biggest Dream, not your doubts, even before the Dream fully comes true so you can live the life you are meant to and leave the legacy of infinite possibilities and manifestation that will inspire generations that come after you. If you can, they can. It’s not about you. It’s about all those waiting for you to remember your own Self Net Worth is priceless so they can never sell their Self short again.

Nanci supports clients privately and within group settings and is also a longtime student and teacher of the spiritual thought system, ‘A Course in Miracles’ (ACIM). In addition, she is a frequent speaker and podcast guest thanks to her award-winning book, ‘Happily Ever NOW’ capturing the heart and curiosity of readers worldwide. She also is the founder of ‘32 Favors: A Deliberate Kindness Project’ hosted within her private sparkling sisterhood and collaborative community for heart-centered women, Sparkle Circle.

"Now is always the perfectly imperfect time to begin living your own Happily Ever NOW, not AFTER everything else is perfect."

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Align the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Align With Love Journal Prompts - Nanci Reed

Align With Love Journal Prompts - Nanci Reed
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