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Lead Generation Strategist

Meet Emily

Emily Dawn is a Lead Generation Strategist who supports coaches, consultants and done-for-you service providers in generating leads daily without ads. As a Facebook Group growth expert, Emily established her online authority by growing her Facebook group to over 10,000 members in less than a year.

She accomplished this without running any ads, using the "3 Connection Group Growth Method,” which she now teaches in her self-paced program: “Facebook Group Lead Accelerator.” Emily is a Freedom Lifestyle advocate and firmly believes that anyone can live their dream life. Through her services, she aims to support women who are pursuing their God-given purpose and are passionate about serving their community.

After investing over $20k in business mentorship and talking with her clients, Emily identified a recurring frustration in the online marketing space. The traditional coaching model has two main drawbacks: the inconvenience of call times not aligning with the client's timezone or schedule and a lack of one-on-one support in group coaching settings.

Many people start businesses seeking freedom, only to discover that they have no spare time, as it is consumed by their mentorship commitments and business tasks. Emily eliminated these frustrations by introducing her clients to the "Minimize to Maximize" experience, a service that is quite literally “made-for-you.” This experience provides personalized marketing support, enabling you to build your business according to your terms. It eliminates the inconvenience of scheduled call times and the potential to feel overlooked in group coaching.

By minimizing learning time and maximizing application time, it allows you greater opportunity to implement what you've learned. To summarize, if you want to generate more leads, feel confident in your organic marketing efforts and create a life of freedom, Emily is your gal!

"One decision, one risk, one leap can change your life in the most beautiful way. Fear will try to silence your courage, don’t let it."

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365 Affirmations for Entrepreneurs

365 Affirmations for Entrepreneurs by Emily Dawn - Emily Dawn
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