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Cycle Success Catalyst

Meet Dana

I’m Dana-Sofie Šlancarová and I am a Cycle Success Catalyst. I’ve been a serial entrepreneur for over 25 years, so I am well aware that clarity of mind, emotional balance, and the ability to take efficient and consistent actions are crucial for business success.

However, there were times when I struggled greatly with this! My painful periods month after month hindered everything that I so desperately craved in my business. Once a month, I had to put everything to a halt due to cramps, debilitating pain in the lower belly, brain fog, and inability to focus. Not to mention those wild emotional rollercoasters!

I felt completely lost. I had no idea why this was happening, no grasp of the patterns, and no clue how to consistently harness my creativity and productivity.

Like many women, I tried the “work even harder” and “push through like a man” approach, but you know where it led me—straight into a burnout!

Fortunately, when I face challenges, giving up is never an option for me. I searched high and low to find a solution—my female cycle didn’t have to be the saboteur of my dreams. On the contrary: I realized that our hormonal changes could be leveraged as a source of power, energy, clarity, creativity, and yes, even money!

This was the moment that led to the birth of my Cycle Success Method.

I’ve been systematically refining this method for over 15 years both in my business and my life.

During this time I’ve also had the privilege of helping thousands of women in Europe and in the Czech & Slovak Republics through my project, Cyklická žena® (The Cyclic Woman). So, my method is by no means just theory; it’s been field-tested, addressing the real challenges faced by real women.

I’ve published over 5 books on this subject, hundreds of articles and presented it anywhere from interviews on TV, business conferences, to firms or corporate settings.

But what truly makes this method exceptional is that it provides you with the answers that traditional, masculine approaches to time management and business productivity could never hand you.

As women, we are never a linear. We change, we flow, and we pulse in cycles.

I deeply believe that women entrepreneurs can achieve their desired outcomes in their own unique feminine way, without the need to be working hard, pushing themselves or neglecting their monthly bodily needs.

This method is all about you—understanding your natural, unique body rhythms and then gracefully riding the waves of your ever-changing feminine superpowers.

No more square pegs in round holes, no more one-size-fits-all solutions. It’s about embracing your beautiful, cyclical nature and thriving in it.

I am here to be your guide on this awesome journey!

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