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Women's Financial Coach

Meet Marla

My name is Marla Osner, and I am the founder of Wealthy Women Coaching. I specialize in helping women gain control and understanding of their finances, through not only education, but also by building unshakable confidence, an impenetrable mindset and empowerment. Once an unbreakable foundation is built, I show women how to transition into the wealth mindset and build generational wealth for them and their families.

I have been through the school of life, I have experienced the challenges firsthand, including a divorce, the loss of a child, extensive debt, sadness, grief, anger, resentment, obesity, physical and emotional pain, and more. However, I clawed my way out, I persevered and transformed myself into the woman I had once only dreamed of becoming. I have taken my struggle and despair and packaged the information I learned to become the woman I am today into a vast array  of resources for women who are in the same position I was. Together, I work with them to reprogram their mindset and develop the skills needed to be their very best and on top of their game.

I have helped women from diverse backgrounds and walks of life regain confidence, control, happiness, and healthy habits. I have empowered them to become financially independent, free of anyone else.

I work with women who have the desire and determination to face uncomfortable changes head on and who are open to coaching. I am dedicated to supporting women who are sick and tired of feeling inadequate, less than, and who want the confidence to reclaim their lives and pursue their dreams on their own terms!

"Success and failure are not the endpoints, but rather the stepping stones on your journey. It is not about weakness or strength; it's the wisdom you gain and how you empower others with that knowledge to create a better world."

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