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Parent, Pregnancy, and Postnatal Coach

Meet Tracy

Tracy Pink is an empowered parent coach, and pregnancy, postnatal, and children’s yoga teacher. She has dedicated her life to supporting children and parents to become more conscious of their actions and the neuro networks that are driving those actions.

She has been working with children and parents for over twenty years starting in the classroom where she discovered her skill at supporting those struggling with our education system. She inspires parents to look beneath the surface and develop skills and knowledge that create beautiful family connections where everyone’s needs are seen, heard, and met.

As a single mum of two amazing teenage daughters her number one goal is to help others to truly connect with the ones, they love releasing shame and blame that may have been carried for generations.

"The power is in the pause – stop, breathe, reconnect!"

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Body Awareness

body awareness. pdf - Tracy Derrett (And exhale)
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How To Keep Calm And Carry On

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