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Spending Coach

Meet Mary Ann

Mary Ann is a Spending Coach that teaches women how to become unshoppable- overcome the urge to shop- so they can afford the life they want with the money they already have. Her unique approach goes beyond the traditional budget, teaching what causes the urge to shop and compels us to buy. She helps you discover the root cause of your overspending so you can solve the problem—not just implement temporary solutions.

Her career as a Spending Coach was born out of necessity as she herself struggled with overspending for years. But it grew into desperation when she was struggling with a young family, a lack of support, chronic health problems, and mental health issues. All she wanted was to afford help around the house like cooking and cleaning—but there was no extra money.

She tried traditional budgeting but it didn't help resolve her spending. After trying many different budgets and reading all the finance books she could get her hands on, she realized that the problem goes beyond a budget and numbers. The power is within ourselves to change. So she decided to research what she calls the science of spending, or why we buy. It was then that she discovered that not only was it possible, but it was within her control to change habits of overspending and become unshoppable.

Through her research she has discovered six Spending Types that address the main causes of overspending. They identify the primary reasons you are triggered to buy, so you can start to recognize your habits of overspending; becoming proactive with your money instead of reactive. She has created the Spending Types Quiz to help everyone discover what triggers them to spend.

Not only does she teach how to stop spending BEFORE it happens, but how to maintain good spending habits that keep you debt-free, guilt-free, and free to feel good about what you spend your money on!

She is passionate that all women deserve to find the money they need to not just survive but to thrive!

"Fill your heart—not your cart"

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Impulse Spending Guide

Impulse Spending Guide - Mary Ann Stenquist
Download PDF • 4.68MB

Financial Wellness: Afford the life you want

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