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Founder of Mantle & Co

Meet Luvyna

Luvyna Mantle, the founder of Mantle & Co. has a deep-rooted belief in balancing family life with professional goals. Born out of personal experiences from growing up on a ranch, to working in the corporate world and the military family lifestyle, helped her shaped a business model that prioritizes efficiency, empowerment, and time freedom. As a mon of two young boys, helping run a family ranch and helping entrepreneurs bring their business to the next level, she really values using automations and workflows to keep her business running while she’s caring for kids and livestock.

Mantle & Co. specializes in providing comprehensive Go High Level CRM solutions, particularly for coaches and online entrepreneurs. Organizing their back end business systems so they can nurture and sell your service or product for you through an automated customer journey while you focus on your area of expertise and joy. Regardless of the current mess of duck tape situation your systems are using, we can get your streamlined, optimized and set up for growth. Watching the transformation our clients go through – from overwhelmed entrepreneurs to empowered business owners – is the driving force behind our mission. Moms supporting moms, because there’s nothing better then empowering those around you.

With our variety of offers, Luvyna can support your business from all the different stages of your business and it’s needs.

"Moms supporting moms, because there’s nothing better then empowering those around you."

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Checklist For An Enhanced & Efficient CRM System

FG Funnels vs Current Set Up $$ Saved - Luvyna Mantle
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