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Full Spectrum Birth Doula and certified EFT-Tapping coach

Meet Katrin

Katrin Hinkle Zeller is committed to guiding women and their families, in her expertise as a certified EFT-Tapping coach & Full Spectrum Birth Doula, into a fulfilled and thriving motherhood and life. With a unique blend of personal insights and professional expertise, she offers holistic guidance & support through the challenges and joys of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and motherhood.

Having navigated motherhood from both personal and professional perspectives, Katrin emphasizes the transformative power of nervous system regulation, self-acceptance, self-knowledge, and stress release and communication tools for overall well-being. Her journey underscores the significance of speaking one's truth, liberating oneself from external and internal expectations, and trusting inner guidance.

At 42, with four children, including a toddler, Katrin embodies thriving health, boundless energy, and inspiration. Reflecting on earlier days dominated by exhaustion, she vividly recalls struggling to find energy, emotional, and mental rest amidst the demands of parenting and life.The fatigue hindered her from being the patient, joyful, and calm mother she aspired to be, impacting her marriage amidst financial and emotional struggles.

Determined to transform her life, Katrin applied strategies from creating beautiful, self-directed birth experiences. Listening to her inner wisdom and following higher guidance, she reshaped her reality using simple yet effective tools. These tools not only restored her physical, emotional, and mental health but also improved communication with her children and her husband, fostering a deeper, growing love.

Today, Katrin's motherhood is characterized by joy, ease, presence, and profound connection with her children. Together, they navigate daily challenges using tools that strengthen bonds rather than causing disconnection. In times of struggle, these same tools cultivate closeness and resilience, turning adversity into opportunities for growth and connection.

Katrin's story is a testament to the transformative power of self-discovery and intentional living. Beyond guiding women through the birth process, she empowers them in their Motherhood journey  to create lives filled with agency, gratitude, and love. Her journey serves as inspiration, highlighting the profound impact of connecting with body-wisdom, biography, and inner child, embracing one's inner wisdom to navigate the journey of motherhood with resilience, intention, and love.

"Transform struggles and hardship into abundance, beauty, agency and gratitude."

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The Art of Rest: A Session on the Necessity of Self-Care Explore the importance of self-care and rest as integral components of your postpartum & Motherhood journey. This session will guide you to prioritize your well-being amidst the demands of motherhood, realizing that it's an absolute necessity for your emotional, physical and mental health. You as a mother are the foundation of your family. Self care is an act of love and service towards your child(ren) and your partner.

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