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Motherhood Coach

Meet Jamie

Do you ever find yourself doubting, questioning, second guessing, all the above during your journey as a mother? We do so much in all the roles we play and it can be so easy to get overwhelmed and over stimulated. Do you have a village? You know a select group you can rely on, who are experiencing life and that constant juggle of the roles we play not to mention the questioning on if we are doing any of it right.

This is where I come in with Moonsong Coaching. I am creating a safe and sacred place for mothers to find that village. To be seen, heard, and understood with no judgment or motive. As a coach to mothers I offer a place for you to talk, explore deeply, and possibly change both our mindsets on what it means to parent, teach, be a wife, be a person, etc.

I am a stay at home mother of three boys. I am homeschooling the boys while I work part time and develop this community and village of mothers supporting mothers. I have my Master of Arts in school counseling. I am certified in mindfulness coaching, life coaching and I am working toward my International Coaching Federation certification. I am passionate about helping my clients achieve their dreams, goals, and live in their highest self.

"The energy you put forth you get back ten-fold. If you put out positive energy, you get that back. Same with negativity. Choose your energy and mindset wisely."

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