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Certified Master Life Strategist

Meet Andrena

Andrena Phillips, the visionary CEO & Founder of KeepMovinWithAndrena LLC, is dedicated to empowering individuals worldwide. A dynamic Certified Master Life Strategist, Transformational Speaker, Published Author, and National Award-Winning Podcaster, Andrena possesses a unique blend of expertise driving personal and professional growth. Specializing in leadership, mindset transformation, and work-life balance, she guides ambitious women seeking growth in both their careers and personal lives.

Furthermore, Andrena Phillips is the founder of the TransformU Coaching Institute, revolutionizing coaching by providing a transformative learning experience. Through sharing her mastery of life strategies, she equips and certifies coaches with the tools needed to become certified coaches in life, personal, and wellness coaching. The TCU Institute not only facilitates becoming a certified coach but also empowers individuals to own their academy, certifying others to become coaches/trainers, and receive ICF learning credits. Andrena, retired after 21 years as an LPN and a 10-year corporate trainer in the healthcare industry, is also a 5-time Best Amazon Seller, an entrepreneur for over 8 years, and holds a BSN in Psychology.

"Own Your Greatness; its your birthright"

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Pick 4 Sexy (Revitalize Your Life Workbook For Personal Transformation)

Pick 4 Sexy Workbook (1) - KeepMovinwithAndrena
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