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The Power Couple Weekly Checklist


By Railey Molinario, the Love Educator

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As life gets busier it's important for us to take extra care of our relationships by building into them a weekly maintenance routine. I have created The Power Couple's Weekly Checklist in order for you and your partner to stay on track and thrive during this next phase of your lives.

1. Organise Your Family Agenda

Choose a platform to keep all of your family items organised: an agenda, to-do list, and shopping list. My family uses the app FamilyWall. This tool allows us to sync our common lists of things to do and buy as well have a shared agenda seperate from our ones for work. Make sure you have perfected your morning and night routines to start and end each day smoothly.

2. Add to Your To Do List

Write down anything you both have to do that week, outside of your personal work commitments. Bills to be paid, things to fix around the house, items in need of being picked up, or phone calls to be made. It's important to know what needs to be done so that the upcoming week is very clear. Power couple's are highly organised.

3. Create a Weekly Shopping List

Take note of all the healthy foods you want to buy for the upcoming week. Will you be making any special recipes? Make sure to include all the ingredients you will need!

4. Have a Couple's Coworking Hour

During this power hour, go through your shared to-do list and check off as many things as you can in the next hour. Anything in need of fixing in the house? Any common projects you are working on? Now is the time to put your phones away and work together to get stuff done.

5. Schedule Date Night

Date night is absolutely essential for power couples. With busy schedules and real life to deal with, date night is that one night every week for you and your partner to relax and fill up on romance. Ideally this should occur once a week, twice for extra credit.

DO'S and DONT'S of a successful date night

DO turn your phones off unless needed specifically for the date.

DON'T discuss any issues you are having in your relationship

DO plan a fun or relaxing activity outside of your day to day activities. (No Netflix and chill allowed!)

DON'T forget to connect physically AND emotionally. Eye contact, holding hands, making Love. This may sound like a no brainer but you would be surprised at how many couple's forget to connect on all levels.

6. Perform A Weekly Relationship Review

This is the time to have a SERIOUS conversation. Go through the 6 questions below and elaborate as much as possible. Each partner will practice uninterrupted listening of the other and really try to understand where their partner is coming from. This is not a boxing match. So put the gloves away and speak with kindness.

1. What was the best part of your week?

2. What was the most difficult or stressful part of your week?

3. Is there any way I can make the next week run more smoothly for you?

4. Was there anything I did that bothered you this week?

5. What did I do to make you happy this week?

6. What are you most looking forward to for next week?

Ready to take your relationship to the next level and create the thriving life and relationship you deserve? Start with your Consultation so we can analyse your relationship goals.


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