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Safe And Sacred Spaces

By Jamie Stuck

I strongly believe as a mother and coach, that mothers need to be supported and have a safe and sacred space to talk without judgment. The World of today is not what it was for our mothers. Long gone are the days where neighbors could watch out for each other, where kids roamed a little freer, and where there was so much more support for the journey of a mother.

There are so many criticisms that we face as women from the day we find out we are carrying a child. Society seems to have an answer for everything and how we should handle pregnancy, birth, and childcare thereafter. We hear about epidural or not, breastfeeding v. formula, cloth diapers or not, homeschool or public, how to gentle parent, time outs, etc. etc. etc. The list is long and never ending.

As life ebbs and flows, we experience good days and bad. We are constantly questioning and often have a negative state of mind. We can blame genetics, biases, habits, high standards or even society, but how can we take back our journey? How can we break those cycles? I am sure you have heard the saying “you are your own worst critic.” As I have explored and step into many roles, I have begun to realize that there are some patterns of thought and belief that make that statement untrue. A lot of the “critic” that comes up in our thought process stems from something that has been imbedded into our subconscious as a truth. Whether it be from a standard we were told or raised in, or from unrealistic expectations. I so often talk in my coaching about our expectations vs. reality. I think we all walk into scenarios in life with a certain expectation, but we don’t take the time to step back and shift those expectations to meet the reality. We also don’t take the time to give ourselves grace in the journey.

Together, we can create a safe, loving space for you to explore the issues that might be holding you back. We can freely talk through the expectations and reality of your journey. We will talk through how you are relating to yourself, with others, and the Earth/energy.

I offer mother’s a place where their voice can be heard. I am a mother myself; I am in the trenches right along with you. I have self-doubt and questioning. Together we can come together and work on where overstimulation and negative self-talk hold value, where society is “getting into your head”, where you feel authentic on your journey and how to step into that light more.

Join me for a free Harmony Session where we can talk about how having the support of a Motherhood Coach could benefit your journey.


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