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How Your Intuition Can Lead You to Your Happiest, Healthiest Self

By: Maria Abramovich

As a music psychotherapist-turned-psychic, I know a thing or two about self-care, brain health, and emotional regulation. I mention the above because they are all the rage right now in the personal development world. Many people discuss the power of nutrition and energy optimization (which I completely follow and believe in!) Others talk about nervous system regulation and self-care, both of which are critical for establishing peace and bliss in the body and in life.

More and more, neuroscientific research findings are trickling into popular culture, and as a result, breathing, good sleep hygiene, building mental focus, and even increasing amino acid intake, have become mainstays of having a healthy, happy life. I subscribe to all of the above, AND while I know that these tools and techniques are foundational to health and vitality, I know the real powerhouse behind the nirvana we all desire is intuition.

My journey with my intuition began when I was a young, very intuitive child and adolescent. Adults in my life often remarked that I always knew how people were feeling and what they needed, or that I always predicted the outcome of events with ease. Even before diving deep into intuitive development, when I studied biochemistry and music psychotherapy, I was always attuned to and amazed by the human body and mind and how connected we all truly are to everything around us. In my mid-twenties, I was drawn into the spiritual and energetic side of self and relationships. I began exploring my intuitive abilities at age 26, doing little experiments on my own, channeling, predicting, and following synchronicities in my life in order to create the outcomes I desired. I began using my intuition to lead me to certain people, opportunities, food, places, and more.

Soon my intuition was my go-to decision-making tool. On this journey of intuitive self-discovery, I found that I was absolutely at my happiest when I made decisions based off of my intuitive hunches.My body felt better, my relationships were more authentic, and I was more confident in myself. My anxiety dissipated and my level of satisfaction in every area in my life increased. Soon I was tapping in to bliss states I had never before experienced.

What I discovered was this: sometimes, making choices with my intuition felt frightening or uncomfortable, but the outcome was always the same. I ALWAYS ended up happier, healthier, and more empowered. And what more could I want in my life? I am a single mom of two kids, three and five years old, and have been for nearly four years now.

You might ask if I make decisions intuitively, even with them. My answer to that is a resounding YES! My intuition leads me to the information, opportunities, connections, and resources I require to achieve the best outcomes for my children and myself. My intuition would never allow me to bypass my responsibilities–only a trauma response will do that!

So if you are looking to have a healthy, happy, vibrant life under any circumstances and feel like you are thriving, Look no further than your intuition. Developing your intuition is the best and most valuable strategy available to you for greater health, wealth, and relationships. Commit to learning about your intuition, and watch your entire life grow and glow.


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