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How to Become an Attraction Magnet and Make Your Dreams Reality FAST 🧲🦄

By Andrea Kaye

Hi I’m Andrea. I am a 37 year old homebirthing, unschooling, momprenuer of 4

International and Amazon best selling author of Dream Big Do Bigger Build the Bridge Between Your Dreams and Reality.

I consider myself to be a superconscious creator & transformation accelerator. I help you awaken to your divine soul truth, find your purpose & take your power back. I help momprenuers & spiritual entrepreneurs specifically, to overcome self sabotaging and limiting beliefs & make their dreams reality

In November 2017 I began my own personal development, spiritual awakening or self discovery journey when I started shopping at an online wellness store. This store has forever changed my life because it is the reason that in January 2020 I decided to become a coach. My intention was to have the tools to be able to help more people affordably to overcome limiting beliefs and create a powerful mindset.

My original intention was “Andrea Kaye Shive. Transformational Life and Success coach, spiritual mindset mentor, intuitive healer and reiki master.” I have since become a Transformational Master Quantum Manifestation Coach, Spiritual Mindset Mentor, Intuitive Healer & Akashic Records Practitioner certified in Nuerolingustic Programming, Emotional Freedom Tapping & Time Techniques, Life & Success Coaching as well as Hypnotherapy & the Magnetic Mind Method.

As a Certified Magnetic Mind Coach, I use the Five Steps to Conscious Creation Superconscious Transformation Recode Method to rewire the unconscious programs we run off of and recode DNA to reach higher levels of potential. It is based on proven nueroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics along side spiritual concepts of universal law and alchemy. It is a POWERFUL process to help you release limiting beliefs, toxic emotions and resistance. This allows you to become an attraction magnet and move towards your desired reality in complete ease, grace, and flow.

I’m also the Fearless Humble leader of Miracle Mavens helping moms create time & financial freedom. My personal mission is to transform the world one person at a time starting with myself.

We are being dumbed down drugged up & disempowered & I am committed to helping people awaken to their full potential & raising the vibration of the planet to shift us into the new 5D paradigm “heaven on earth”

This is what I’m offering

  • A safe space for spiritual entrepreneurs, momprenuers, healers, & light workers…

  • To come together to GROW EXPAND & EVOLVE

  • Accountability

A place where you will learn multiple techniques to help you heal grow to reach higher levels of consciousness

Plus access to this POWERFUL process to help you heal trauma, overcome self sabotaging and limiting beliefs, remove trapped emotions and more which will allow you to

  • Align energetically with your desires becoming the magnet and attracting them to you

  • Break free from patterns and programming of the old self

  • SHIFT your Mindset

  • Align with the highest version of yourself

  • Raise your vibration

  • Break Generational Curses

And more…

I bridge the gap between science and spirituality. You will begin to understand that everything is energy. You are a powerful creator and you get to choose what you create.

Truth Love and Light

Have a Namas-day Creators

Magick Miracles & Alchemy

Quantum Manifestation &

Spiritual Mindset Coaching

Making Dreams Reality


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