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How My Love Affair With The Body Began With A Horseshoe

By: Eliana Barosco

Just over a decade ago I remember feeling weak all the time, with constant aches all over my body, unable to move and being constantly anxious….that’s what I considered a ‘normal life’… So the day I decided to simply ignore the doctor’s diagnoses about my heath, and instead take charge of my energies, is the day I began living again! Working with the Heart energy was fairly new to me, so I was very sceptical of any so-called alternative healing modalities.

Nevertheless I just decided to ‘give it a go, and practise forgiving myself for 'not knowing' how I got ill, for 'not understanding' what my body needed, and especially for 'not seeing' a clear solution…. I then decided to just sit, relax and make a cup of tea…and that’s when the picture of a horseshoe came to my mind! In that very moment I felt I was sensing the purest essence of iron, not at the physical, but at the energetic level!

I decided to put down my tea, searched for a picture of a horseshoe on the internet and stayed with it: almost immediately I felt my eyes relax, my vision became more focused, and my energy levels surged, feeling calmer and more positive all of a sudden.... The next day I decided to try something else, and mentally connect to the horseshoe again, this time I asked a question: 'how can I increase my iron levels naturally?’

And that’s when I felt the sudden urge to go buy some foods, guided by a mysterious force helping me pick specific veggies, along with sardines, nuts, and other foods that I had hardly ever eaten before….. Within 48 hours I felt like a totally different person, with more focus and energy!

I then decided to try one more experiment, and mentally connect to Vitamin C: and again I felt the same powerful force guiding me to select foods rich in Vitamin C, yet not so hard on my stomach…. And every time I was seeing or touching those foods, I was feeling an instant energy surge in some areas of my body, as if they said 'this is it! that's what I need to rebuild my cells and tissues!’

Can you guess where I took my experiment next? You got it! colours, fabrics, people, places, objects, words, planets…. you name it! I knew I had tapped into another level of reality, one that I could rely on to restore my health intuitively, because now my body was speaking through the Voice and my Heart!

That was the day my body and I began a love affair of energy work in such intimate partnership, the kind that you know exactly what the other is thinking and feeling, without having to utter a single word! It’s never too late to start your love affair with your body, and restore your health with the Voice of your Heart to guide you:) all you need is Believing that you can do it:)_


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