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Embracing the Creative Journey: Why Following Your Passion is AlwaysWorth It

By Conscious Artist Jeanne Bessette

When we get to the other side of something really hard, we never look back and regret it. We tend to feel pretty powerful, and we own our worth. Being successful in anything takes hard work, tenacity, focus, and more hard work, but I have to admit that charging full speed ahead toward a successful career as an artist is probably one that most people will run screaming in the streets NOT TO DO!!!!!

Not because it’s a terrible idea to be something you are passionate about but because so many limited beliefs tell us that we cannot make money or have a successful career doing that. It’s just ingrained in us to find a safer, more suitable way to create financial security.

But, if you insist on being truly happy and allow yourself to put up your hand to those

well-meaning but misinformed people who would rather save you from yourself. I promise that life can be so much more than you ever imagined. My path toward being a successful artist was not a straight line. In fact, nothing worth pursuing is a straight line and all the times I found myself being dragged in the mud were moments I could have let go of the rope and said...I’m done.

Instead, I’d like to offer you an alternative to quitting because if you have the passion, the drive, the fortitude, and of course the talent to pursue the very thing you are driven to do, you will win. When that happens you will look back on your journey and say things like...that was worth every fall, it was destined for me to overcome that thing or even if I quit back then I’d never know for sure who I really can be.

Thriving is all about overcoming and solving problems and knowing that each and every

moment of challenges to overcome only makes us willing participants in this thing called life. This is a single reason to keep going, not to mention that we bring that very thing we are supposed to grace the world with to the planet.

There is nothing more rewarding than fighting our way to our destiny removing blocks and

jumping through fire. So when people ask me this one question and I am asked this a lot...What one thing do you want to tell our audience? My answer is always keep going, just keep going. Follow your heart. It knows the way.

It sounds easy to say this from the side I stand on but trust me when I tell you I will be your biggest cheerleader and the wind at your back if you want something and you follow it every day and do what it takes to dream your dream into reality. I can’t think of any other way to live.

Jeanne Bessette transcends the role of an artist; she is a transformative force and a visionary with an unshakable mission to imprint the world with lasting change. Through her art, she alchemizes the rawness of human experiences, embracing emotions and authenticity, and channeling them into cycles of growth. With a background in shamanism and a mastery of color,she taps into higher realms, inviting a co-creation process that results not only in stunn ing images but also in conscious-activated art.

Renowned as a conscious artist, disruptor, speaker, and guide, Jeanne effortlessly channels

divine messages and energy into her works. Her art becomes a tangible vessel for healing,

radiating a state of empowerment for herself, her clients, and the spaces they inhabit.

Guided by a profound legacy, Jeanne envisions a world saturated with joy, healing, and

transformation through her art. Her mission transcends personal goals, propelled by a

deep-seated calling often associated with "star seed" responsibilities, aiming to orchestrate

significant shifts for humanity. Jeanne's core commitment is to create art that doesn't merely adorn spaces but infuses them with precise frequencies and vibrations like boundless joy, peace, hope, and healing. Her canvases, even the most challenging, carry a resounding message, each brushstroke contributing to our world's transformation, one artwork at a time.

Jeanne's artistic journey began at the tender age of four, initiating a lifelong connection to

creativity. The passion ignited during her junior college years solidified her identity as an

artist—a conduit for translating her innermost experiences into universally resonating forms.

From whimsical beginnings to intricate abstract compositions and powerful messages in paint and color, Jeanne's evolution led her to embrace conscious art—a collaborative process with the Divine Source that infuses her creations with frequencies of healing, awakening, and expansion. Her works become living experiences, pulsating with energy and meaning, fostering connections not only between artist and art but also among all who engage with it.

When not captivating with her paintings, Jeanne dedicates herself to mentoring and teaching, inspiring alignment and creative alchemy in others' lives. She delves into the rawness of human experience, embracing imperfections and authenticity. As a spiritual ninja and urban medicine woman, she guides individuals toward higher consciousness, uncovering their latent potential.

Throughout her career, Jeanne has navigated the gallery world, gracing worldwide galleries with her presence. Collectors and notable figures have resonated with her pieces, acknowledging the depth of emotion and intention woven into her creations. Jeanne's art resonates with distinguished collectors like GMA's Richard Besser, QVC’s Bob Warden, Drea Webber of Pink & Cher, and Marina Rice Bader from Wolf Films. Her creations transcend the visual; they incite thought, evoke emotions, and inspire transformation. Jeanne defies boundaries, embracing a philosophy of "Activated Art, Live by Design, Expect Miracles."

Beyond her identity as an artist, Jeanne is a catalyst for change and a genuine disruptor of the mundane. Her legacy extends beyond leaving a mark; it's about imbuing the world with healing, joy, and transformation through her profound artistry. From her earliest days with a paintbrush to her intricate conscious art of today, Jeanne's journey mirrors her commitment to channeling messages of healing and expansion. Her art extends an invitation to engage in transformation—one painting at a time, one heart at a time.


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