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Awareness - Trust - Surrender

By Ciara Heneghan

We get the lessons meant for us to learn from.

I walked into town the other day to pick up my son from basketball.

When I arrived in town I decided to sit by the local river and listen to the little waterfall. As the sound washed over me, it felt like a good idea to do some breathwork.

There was something I wanted to ask for so I said aloud, ‘How do I learn to receive better’?

Right before I started my breathwork practice I sent a message to my son to tell him to come meet me by the river where the waterfall is. The message was delivered.

I put my phone in my pocket and began to breathe. It was blissful and then I heard my phone die. I stayed present and kept breathing.

Once I finished my breathwork practice I began to walk by the river heading toward the basketball hall.

About 5 steps in it hit me, I asked for help with something so specific and I had just been answered.

I asked how to learn to receive better, and my phone died.

I asked for a lesson and my phone died.

I was processing this quickly in real-time, smiling ear to ear whilst saying to god ‘ok big guy, I see you, I hear you, I get you, well played.

I sat back down on the wall and contemplated what had just happened.

How do I learn to receive better?

Well first of all I have to be aware of the question I ask, the lesson I ask for, how quickly it will be answered, and in what way. Awareness.

Then I have to be willing to accept the lesson I’m getting and trust it is for my highest good. Trust.

Then I have to surrender to the process knowing it will all be just fine. Surrender

10 minutes later my boy arrived and sat down beside me to listen to the waterfall.

I had closed off my awareness after I asked for the lesson.

I hadn’t trusted that my son got the message.

I hadn’t surrendered to the knowing that he would find his way to me.

Thankfully my awareness opened up fast and I processed the whole lesson within a minute.

All week the same kind of lessons have been coming, just to see how I am handling receiving every day.

It’s working!

I have received a full-year membership to a top-level coaches space, a 1 to 1 call with that same coach, an invite to a podcast all about making dreams come true, a space in 3 newspapers to share all about my book The Mother Ship, and 2 radio interviews about the same thing.

How are you at receiving?

Are you aware of the lessons you are gifted when you ask for help? Do you trust that what is for you will make its way to you especially when you have been clear in where you are? And can you surrender to the whole process regardless?

The seemingly small occurrences can be the greatest lessons for us when we are aware of them in our own lives.

Tune in, connect, be aware, trust, and surrender.

And in the moments when you ask for what you want, for that dream you wish to be made real, be ready for the answer.

Who knows what you might receive!


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