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Love and Dating Expert

Meet Vidya

Vidya is the leading love and dating expert who specializes in helping high achieving women heal their heartbreaks and attract love again.

Vidya founded her love coaching company after a highly successful career as an executive consultant in the corporate IT world for over 25 years. Having worked with senior executives, entrepreneurs, and high level women, Vidya truly gets what it takes to become a woman who has it all and achieve success in both your career and your love life.

Vidya is also the creator of The Love Cure, the leading program to reignite the spark and become the woman who has it all.

Vidya’s clients experience extraordinary breakthroughs with love and intimacy while also gaining clarity and focus in other areas of their lives. Vidya's unique approach is backed by her training under world renowned experts in relationship mastery, trauma healing, mind-body medicine, and human ascension.

Vidya is on a mission to heal the planet by fostering harmonious, balanced, and loving relationships that empower women to attain personal and professional success, as well as genuine life fulfillment. Through her efforts, she aims to enable women to channel their energy towards living purposeful lives that are liberated from suffering.

"Every strategy to get love will fail, love needs no strategies. Instead, love teaches to lose fear so you realize YOU ARE LOVE."

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How to Heal Heartbreak Without Relying on Time

The #1 Formula to Attract the Love You Desire

Conscious Attraction Formula - Vidya Ramanathan
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