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SELF-talk [in]POWERment Coach| Author | Speaker

Meet Taleen

For women wanting to develop powerful and transformative self-talk, Taleen Sofee might be exactly what they’re looking for. A Chicago-based SELF-talk [In]powerment Coach, she coaches women on how the four Pillars of Life; Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual are affected by our thoughts, words, actions, vibrations and energy. She provides women with a safe space to disconnect from any limiting beliefs about themselves or their potential, in order to REconnect with their authentic selves. As she says “You are a story worth loving.” “It took me healing my HEART, embodying the WISDOM and living in my POWER fully, to realize there is BEAUTY in the experiences and nothing was by chance or mistake.”

Taleen graduated from UNLV, Nevada with a degree in Psychology and has done extensive training in mind-body balance. She began coaching in 2014 and has become a well-respected Women’s [in]powerment Coach, author and influencer. She co-wrote the book SELF Talk: 33 levels of [in]provement, which emphasizes the importance of positive inner dialogue, empowering women to manage and focus their mental chatter into creative and constructive exercises for self improvement. She also created ZEN ME: Empowering Women, The Women’s [In]POWERment app, available on Apple and Android, which features a new theme each month focusing on a custom meditation, Crystal of the Month, podcast episode and much more. The ZEN ME podcast is based on her book SELF Talk.

Taleen has been described by clients as a “very gifted Energy Healer,” and “a Moving Force” in helping clients find their path and purpose. One client said “She helped me realize things I was holding on to, that actually held me back from being the person I wanted to be. She helped guide me through releasing the pain and baggage. Now that I’ve confronted that proverbial skeleton in my closet, my soul feels free. I can see the light again.” Another said “Each session has given me the clarity, tools and vision to live a happy purposeful life.”

When she’s not coaching, Taleen enjoys nature walks, facilitating ChakraDANCE, traveling, hosting retreats, listening to music, reading, writing, and playing with her sons. Her coaching, book and Women’s [In]POWERment app can be found at

“Become the MASTER of your own life; then show up as it.”

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