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International Personal Stylist

Meet Mary

Mary Komick is an international Personal Stylist. Mary helps female founders + creative personal brands create their Work to Weekend Wardrobe℠ to let go of closet chaos and find effortless, everyday dressing. Mary’s unique approach to personal styling using fashion psychology techniques helps her clients uncover their style blocks, reset their style mindset and build a standout visual identity.

Mary thrives on providing personalized styling services driven by her desire to provide comprehensive tools and life-long habits to truly understand the why behind your wardrobe. With each client, she is devoted to building confidence and bringing out your highest potential to create the most transformational experiences.

It’s Mary’s personal philosophy that style is more than the clothes you wear, it’s the message you send to the world.

As a Personal Stylist, Mary knows the key to personal style is using clothing as a tool of imagery identity and building a wardrobe that fit, flatters, and functions for your lifestyle

It’s her mission to share the Work to Weekend Wardrobe style system to change the way women get dressed everyday - personally and professionally.

As a creative female founder herself, Mary uses her journey in entrepreneurship to share the importance of standing out and not using your style as an excuse to hold yourself back from game-changing opportunities.

But what she’s seen time and time again is that often when you need to take your image to the next level, you can feel stuck.

For the high-achieving women Mary works with, they’ve often accomplished so much in every avenue of your career thus far, but their closet tells a different story. They can't stand shopping because they can never find what really WORKS for you.

They try DIY’ing the overhaul of their wardrobe, but it seems like a second job, and they left the life of trading time for money for a reason.

It’s Mary’s belief that you are your best investment. It can be nerve-wracking to step out of your comfort zone, let go of clothing from another life, and become more visible for your personal brand. With the styling tools and techniques that Mary provides inside her styling services, female founders and creative professionals feel motivated and inspired to get dressed each morning. If you want to achieve this, you must define your sense of style and have go-to outfit formulas for wherever your day takes you.

It’s time to hire the go-to virtual personal stylist to take your life, and your business to the next level.

"Personal Style is the peak of personal development."

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Closet Edit Checklist

Closet Edit Checklist - Mary Komick
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