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Life Reset Specialist

Meet Laura


I am Laura, known as Life Reset Specialist, my speciality is helping people who are navigating major life transitions and challenges to move from fear to fulfilment. To leave the past behind and curate the future on their terms.

I am a Level 2 practitioner of BWRT (Brain Working Recursive Therapy) as well as being skilled in advanced psycho- and hypnotherapy and coaching techniques to help you achieve the results and transformation that you are looking for.

It could be that you're not even sure if you need therapy or coaching or if what you are feeling is just part of life, loss, marriage, parenting, adulthood... maybe even the state of the world.

I hear that a lot!

Racing thoughts, tight chest, difficulty catching your breath, less than 7 hours of consistent sleep a night, lack of motivation, feeling low more often than you feel joyful, fearing situations where you can't be in control, overachieving, drinking to relieve stress, putting on a smile when inside you want to crumble, feeling hopeless, talentless, uninspired or snapping and getting frustrated over seemingly small things... all or any of these things mean that there's something going on with you and you may benefit from some support.

How do I know this so well?

Simply... I have been there. I have got tons of life experience under my belt.

From burnout due to such low self esteem and debilitating critical thoughts that the only way I could make myself feel better was by being a workaholic, giving and giving, pushing myself more and more. To panic attacks, social anxiety, chronic stress to the point I had an emotional breakdown, infertility and miscarriage plus going through divorce. I've also moved countries more than once, I've been involved with addicts more than I care to remember, been bullied and I've worked at senior levels in corporate (need I say more there?!).

So, believe me, when I tell you, I can relate to many many things that cause and result in fear, grief, burnout, stress and anxiety.

Importantly though, I have done the searching and the learning to find the solutions and the methodology to bring healing to myself and now to you. BWRT and IFS was one of the most significant therapies that I have undertaken in order to create real change in my life. It wasn't instant for me but it got stronger and stronger until I was able to do things that I was unable to before... like set boundaries, say no, speak to people. These may sound like small things but the impact that they had on my life was huge!

I am now the most content that I have ever been and am curating my own future, on my terms. With security, joy, abundance and importantly inner peace.

"Changes happens one moment at a time. Allowing yourself to shine is the most courageous choice you will ever make."

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Life Satisfaction Scorecard and Planner

Life Satisfaction Scorecard & Planner 2021 - 2024 - Laura Steventon
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