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Bio-Energy Self Empowerment Coach

Meet Kathy

Kathy Baldwin is the founder and lead coach of RiseUP Coaching, empowering professionals to unlock their potential and create meaningful change. An experienced life and business coach, Kathy wrote the book "Unlearn the Crap About Personal Success and Empowerment," sharing her methodology for growth and fulfillment.

After a life-long journey of personal transformation, Kathy created RiseUP Coaching to provide others with the tools and mindset shifts she discovered through her own healing. Blending science, universal laws, and an understanding of the mind-body connection, Kathy guides clients to tap into their inner wisdom and live their best lives.

After years of pushing through trauma, stress, and burying her own needs, Kathy hit rock bottom both physically and mentally. Despite initially turning to traditional medicine, she found it did not provide the solutions she needed to heal and transform.

Kathy then embarked on her own self-guided healing process, drawing on the decades of knowledge she had accumulated from her studies. She began piecing together a step-by-step approach to become the best version of herself, using innovative methodologies grounded in science and universal laws.

Through deep self-reflection and a commitment to listen to her own inner wisdom, Kathy was able to unlock the answers that had always been within. This personal breakthrough inspired her life's mission - to empower others to tap into their own potential and create lasting change.

Kathy is largely self-taught, driven by her own curiosity and desire to heal. She began learning in her early 20's and studied under over 100 mentors, coaches, doctors, biologists, neuroscientists, and quantum physicists over the course of 35+ years.

Kathy's mentors and coaches exposed her to a wide range of healing modalities, personal growth practices, and scientific principles. She voraciously absorbed everything she could about human potential, the mind-body connection, energy healing, and holistic health.

Some of the key concepts and frameworks Kathy studied include neuroplasticity, epigenetics, mindfulness, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), mindfulness, meditation, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and the laws of attraction.Kathy is also a certified Body & Emotion Code energy healer.

Kathy synthesized insights from neuroscience, biology, psychology, philosophy, and quantum physics to inform her understanding of personal transformation. She continuously refined her knowledge, evolving her perspectives and approach over decades of learning.

This self-directed study and guidance from world-class mentors honed Kathy's expertise in empowering personal growth through a mind-body-spirit approach. Her commitment to lifelong learning allows Kathy to stay on the cutting edge, integrating new findings into her coaching.

Kathy has over 25 years of experience as a business and personal coach. After initially coaching professionals on business growth, she shifted her focus to personal development coaching after going through her own healing journey.

Kathy takes a unique approach to coaching that blends multiple disciplines. She utilizes innovative methodologies based on neuroscience, biology, quantum physics, and energy healing. Her programs are custom-designed for each client based on their goals and needs.

At the core of Kathy's coaching is her commitment to empowering her clients and helping them unleash their potential. She is dedicated to guiding clients aged 45-55 who are at pivotal crossroads in life. Kathy is deeply invested in each person's growth and self-discovery.

By developing a mind-body connection and tapping into universal laws, Kathy unlocks hidden potential within her clients, leading to profound transformations. Her blend of modalities, custom programs, and dedication makes her an incredibly effective coach.

Kathy is deeply committed to her mission of empowering individuals to tap into their inner wisdom and unlock their potential. She offers a range of coaching options to suit different needs, including one-on-one coaching, self-directed online courses with direct access to Kathy, and live weekly coaching calls through her membership site. Her unique methodology blends multiple disciplines to create a holistic approach that links body and mind to enable lasting change.

Kathy continues to share her knowledge and experience through RiseUP Coaching to guide professionals through life's pivotal crossroads, so they can avoid needing to "breakdown in order to breakthrough". Through her coaching programs, book "Unlearn the Crap", and dedication to her clients, Kathy aims to ensure nobody else has to endure the struggles she did on her own journey.

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