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Certified Trauma Informed Mindset Coach

Meet Caren

Hi I’m the problem it’s me.

A few years ago I felt stuck. Inside I knew was not living my full potential, but just felt paralyzed by a combination of fear and limiting beliefs. I was literally in my own way. There was a small piece of me though that also knew that if I kept going the was going, nothing would ever change.

I found a program that worked called Mind Magic. And it worked because I leaned in and did the work even if that work was sometimes messy and uncomfortable as hell. I had a massive transformation/ identity evolution. I don’t recognize the woman I was a year ago.

I received my certification and created my program Unscrew Yourself Featuring MIND MAGIC® Framework so that I can help other women who felt like I did.

The women who know they are made for more but don’t believe in themselves. The women who do for others before they do for themselves. The women who are feeling stressed, and anxious because they are not generating the results they want. The women who are stuck in in their own.

Unscrew yourself is about the evolution of you. You are the cause and the effect. You are the common denominator. So when we do the work of you and in that intentional evolution we are restructuring and reprogramming your belief structure. You’re thinking different, you have different energy, you’re using different language, you’ve shifted your relationship with fear. You’re evolving your identity, you’re actively becoming different. So all of the things that you are working so hard to achieve and experience and gain right now are no longer externally focused. You’ve worked with the common denominator and all the things you want outside of you will do one of two things. They will appear or you will not want them anymore because you’ve changed and you’ve realized that that was part of the chase.

I live in Staten Island, NY. I have 2 children. I am a lover of corny jokes and disco.

"Here's to the crazy one, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in square wholes and the ones who see things differently"

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Nervous System & The Body

NERVOUS SYSTEM & THE BODY (1) - Caren Cooper
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