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Non-Diet Lifestyle Coach

Meet Alisha

Alisha Carlson is a non-diet lifestyle coach for women. She uses a holistic approach to help her clients create food and time freedom, fitness, and overall lifestyle transformation without feeling deprived or restricted around food. 

She helps her clients find the balance of taking care of their families, careers, and themselves so they can thrive in the key areas of  their lives. Alisha is passionate about helping her clients feel more confident in their bodies and stronger mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Alisha teaches women how to radically love themselves, their bodies, and their lives before they ever lose a pound by healing their relationship to food, exercise, their bodies, and themselves. 

Alisha has worked with women who:

-have tried every weight loss plan and diet out there

-have lost weight in the past, only to gain it all back again

- can be hard on themselves beating themselves up when they don’t follow their plan perfectly.

- feel stuck, burned out, and tired of trying to match their food to the numbers

-are scared to try again because they secretly think they are the only person this won’t work for

-are always focused on everyone else, work takes over your time, and they feel exhausted not taking care of themselves

Using her holistic non-diet approach:

-Food loses its control over you

-You’ll start working with your body and your busy schedule

-You’ll feel more confident in your body

-You’ll make more conscious choices around food more consistently

-You’ll be able to say to the things you want to say yes to and no to what you don’t

"Your body is simply a vessel for you to carry out the work you were made to do"

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