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Group Fitness Instructor

Meet MeShell

MeShell Campbell is an ACE Certified Group fitness instructor, a NASM certified personal trainer, a barre instructor and the proud owner of her bakery,, which has been in business for six years.

She has also been working in the fitness industry for over 8 years. Her specialty is training Moms to live a healthier life. She is no stranger to fitness and has worked out all her life. MeShell has experienced the fact that you can have fun when you work out and she brings that joy of movement to her classes and her clients.

Her mission is help moms live a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing time with there families. Married with two young children, her number one goal is to help others feel good and have fun while exercising.

"Never give up! Keep trying success is right around the corner."

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Nutrition Guide Sheet Plant Based

Nutrition Guide Sheet Plant Based - Meshell Campbell
Download XLSX • 9KB

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