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Performance and Empowerment Coach

Meet Kristen

I'm passionate about supporting women in finding balance in business and life — yep, I used that elusive word "balance" — while cultivating a resilient mindset. Because if our inner world is chaos, our outer world will be too.

As a mama, you do all of the things for your kid(s), your partner, your home (and the list goes on), but if you don't create intentional space for YOURSELF to prioritize your wellbeing, how does that impact how you show up every day?

I'll speak from my experience: it equals burn out and exhaustion!

So, how did I get here?

I went on my own journey to find the tools to break free from limiting beliefs, combat anxiety, create healthy habits that support my mental and physical health, get out of the cycle of over-performing/achieving that leads right to depletion, and leaned into mindset and mindful decision making practices as a parent and business owner.

My career background is rooted in marketing with a love for organization and operational excellence that brings a unique blend of interpersonal, creative, and tech skills to any business. I'm here to support you to be at your best, both as a mom and a business owner, to move you from surviving to THRIVING.

"To mindfully lead in motherhood, and in business, is cultivating your best self; showing up compassionately and fully present to lead by example."

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