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Communication & Writing Coach

Meet Ciara

Hi my name is Ciara and I am a Communication & Writing Coach, Writer, Poet, Ideas Strategist, Mom, and all round goofball. The underlying theme and rhythm of everything I do is truth, fun, dream creation, self awareness on steroids, and the wisdom that leaving a legacy you can be proud of means creating an impact now, with the fullness of your whole and unapologetic self. The way I do this is through sharing stories, written word, and connecting with the people who come into my world in the most heart to heart way.

I am all about going first, understanding that I cannot expect you to go where I won't, and so I dive deep into me daily so I can see the truth of my matter. Which means that when you come to me, my heart can see yours no matter how many layers of deep conditioning, programming, and unawareness lay on top. I am a big fan of life, seeing the little things all the time, smelling the roses, being aware of the vibrancy of everything around me, and have shown my son how to appreciate everything in that same way.

I am here to serve, have a giant mission and vision, and have absolutely no doubt that the mission and vision I hold have been given to me because I absolutely can and will deliver. Currently in the process of publishing my 4th book, with a lofty vision of publishing 9 this year in total. And my writers membership - Dare to Write Society - is where I support all my budding writers on their journey to publishing their dreams, and leaving legacies to be proud of. We are limitless if we trust that to be true. I am excited to be here, to meet you, and to support you. xoxo Ciara

"In order to be all that you can be, you first must know all that you are"

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5 Tips to Sharing Your Story

5 Tips to Sharing your Story - mini Ebook 1 - Ciara Heneghan
Download PDF • 2.62MB

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