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Unlocking the Power to Heal your Fertility

By Tara Angeles

My Personal Story

"What can I do to improve my chances of conceiving?" I heard this question countless times from couples I supported during my time as an IVF coordinator at a top-rated US fertility clinic. Witnessing the heartache, disappointment and frustrations of those couples and hoping to find answers to their questions, I was inspired to start my journey to become a holistic fertility specialist. I dove deep into the latest research, seeking to find better answers. In 2022, I established The Fertility Academy, integrating my diverse background as a mother, IVF nurse, and hormone health coach into my work. Over the past year alone, the practices and methods I have uncovered and developed have guided multiple couples to successful pregnancies, and now I want to extend that support to you. Today, I am proud to share my expertise, empowering couples to heal their fertility at a cellular level. I’ll help you dramatically improve your chances of successfully conceiving, whether through IVF or naturally.

Successful Transformations

The transformations my clients experience are nothing short of magical! I help return the body to a state of balance via evidence-based practices and key lifestyle changes tailored to each couple’s unique fertility needs. By tapping into the body's innate ability to heal itself, I have witnessed remarkable

success stories as couples turn the odds in their favor and successfully conceive. Couples who had struggled with fertility challenges for years conceived within just a few months of changing key lifestyle actors. Other couples working with me have overcome poor sperm health, post-birth control complications, failed IVF, and more! They are now expecting their long-awaited bundles of joy.

Empowering Couples with Hope

Couples struggling with infertility often feel hopeless, burdened by the mounting costs and emotional toll of fertility treatments. My mission is to provide hope and information, offering a path to reclaim their fertility power. Through The Fertility Academy, I aim to equip couples with the knowledge and tools to support their own healing. We live in an increasingly toxic world, and by providing the body with the necessary tools to heal, we can unlock its remarkable potential. What may seem like miracles can become a reality.


The journey to parenthood should be filled with hope and possibility. As a holistic fertility specialist, I am dedicated to helping you heal and transform your fertility at the cellular level. Whether seeking natural conception or exploring IVF, I provide a variety of powerful integrative healing tools to support you on your journey. The Fertility Academy offers you the opportunity to regain control and hope, ultimately helping you realize your dream of building a family. I would love nothing more than to support you on your journey to parenthood. I currently offer 1:1 coaching and will soon be releasing a self-paced program that follows the same methodology for healing and boosting your fertility. Looking forward to helping you in any way I can!

Connect with Tara and start your journey today!


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