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Self Care For Couples

By Railey Molinario, The Love Educator

Did you know that taking care of your relationships is a form of self care? According to the Health and Human Services report, long term healthy relationships reduce depression in both men and women. How To Improve Your Relationship Today: 1. Create a common vision of your relationship that inspires you and your partner. What kind of life do you want to live together? Get specific. You can start here: Create Your Vision Questionnaire 2. Perfect the Power Couple Technique so you and your partner can turn difficulties into opportunities for growth. The Power Couple Problem Solving Technique

  1. Create a safe enviornment

  2. Each person states the issue in need of resolution (Do you agree?)

  3. Each person states how they view the issue (Do you agree?)

  4. Each person explains what outcome they desire (Do you agree?)

  5. Each person explains how they would like to solve the issue. (Do you agree?)

  6. Begin to resolve the issue

  7. Check in with each other to see if the issue has been resolved. If not, start again

3. Schedule in Date Night for the next three months and enjoy each other to the fullest. DO'S and DONT'S of a successful date night: DO turn your phones off unless needed specifically for the date. DON'T discuss any issues you are having in your relationship DO plan a fun or relaxing activity outside of your day to day activities. (No Netflix and chill allowed!) DON'T forget to connect physically AND emotionally. Eye contact, holding hands, making Love. This may sound like a no brainer but you would be surprised at how many couple's forget to connect on all levels.

4. Invest in your relationship with the free Ultimate Guide To A Thriving Relationship


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