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Rest in pe-riod!

By Dana-Sofie Šlancarová

If you are a female entrepreneur and you studied some conventional stress and time management techniques, you were probably told that sleep is important.

But you weren’t told why it is so extremely important to sleep and rest during your period!

There are more reasons, but I’ll explain it really simply:

Imagine you do not sleep at night. Either it's a tooth of your infant, or running nose of your school kids, or just a night by your notebook, finishing a launch campaign.

Now answer this question: How do you feel the next day if you didn’t get sleep at night?

Probably tired, exhausted, overwhelmed, oversensitive, craving food and sweets, easily irritated, anxious, having a brain fog, you name it….

Now imagine that you do it like this for two nights, three nights, a week... You'd be totally dead by a couple of days, won't you?

And now imagine that your period time of the month is just like the night. It is time for:

– regeneration,,

– restoration,

– relaxation, and

– recharging "batteries" for the whole month ahead.

That is why it is so important to sleep and rest enough during your period.

Because, as you may know from your own life: if you do not rest during the time of your period, you feel tired the entire following month.

And if you continue to override your body, pushing hard in your business, smashing it like a man, several months or years down the line, many women end up experiencing burnout or even collapsing and landing in a hospital.

It may seem that sleep and rest is overrated, especially if there's: a deadline for your new book, program launch, promo campaign, calls from clients from the other part of the world in the middle of your night, etc.

But it is not. If you give your body the rest it needs, it will give you back:

– clear thinking,

– enough energy for both your business and family,

– happy feelings in your body,

– high vibrations that attract the right clients and the amounts of money you desire,

– much more creativity and productivity,

– faster reactions and more efficiency,

– feelings of happiness, contentment, and peace,

and much more.

So, please, listen: The next time your period comes, think of it as the night of the month and get the proper rest and regeneration!

Your business, your bank account, your body, your mind, and your family will thank you!

Do we have a deal?! ;-)

PS: If you are eager to know more about the incredible feminine superpowers that we as women possess and can utilize to skyrocket our businesses without overriding our bodies, neglecting our families, and hustling 12–16 hours a day even on the weekends, drop me a DM on Facebook or Instagram and I'll get back to you and arrange a free call.

My name is Dana-Sofie Šlancarová and I am a Cycle Success Catalyst. For over 15 years, I have been helping women to make more money, create more ease in their business, and manifest the impact they've always envisioned – using their hormonal cycle!

Become the abundant, happy, and vibrant female entrepreneur you've always wanted to be! You can!


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