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How To Attract The Partner Of Your Dreams

by Vicky Theunissen

We all have an image in mind of what our ideal relationship would look like and what our partner must comply with. But we forget that we first have to make sure that we have to be that ideal person by ourselves and for ourselves. We aren’t aware that we are looking for things outside of ourselves because we are missing those things within ourselves.

We are only able to give real love to someone else if we have real love for ourselves, and we are only able to have a good relationship with someone else if we first have a good relationship with ourselves. I had already healthy self-love and self-esteem by myself so I wondered why I always attracted mentally unstable guys. This made me realize that there is still something that is not as it has to be inside of myself otherwise I would not attract these guys. Because we attract what we are.

Then I discovered that I never really opened up to men because deep in my heart I wanted nothing more than to experience real love with someone, but I was also very afraid to find real love because I was afraid of losing it again, and I couldn't handle that, was what I told myself because I had already experienced so much loss in my life. That's why I automatically kept my distance. But at the same time, I wondered why I never really felt attracted to anyone for a long time.

I discovered that there are traumas stored in my body that caused me to exhibit this behavior. I decided to take myself on a journey to release these traumas from my body. I did this with the help of energy workers and meditation and breathing exercises. This was a tough road but since I finished this journey I feel like a different person. Because I feel that I have found my own identity back. I no longer feel fear for love and I finally can be completely open for love.

Our energy attracts energy from the same frequency, this is why we often end up in situationships instead of real relationships as long as we don’t feel really loved and save by ourselves. The key to attract the partner of your dreams is to make sure you are in the right place with yourself first.


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