Relationships Without Fighting!

The Power Couple Problem Solving Technique


By Railey Molinario, the Love Educator

Is it possible to have a relationship without fighting? The definition of fight is to attempt to resolve conflict through struggle. We understand this through our emotions. When we fight with our partner we feel frustrated, angry, and disconnected.

It isn't possible to agree on everything. Even those couples who seem to have everything in common will still find themselves having different opinions about various ideas throughout their relationships. So, is fighting inevitable in all relationships or is there another way to resolve our issues?

It is normal to have conflict in relationships. Conflict arises when two people do not agree on what has happened or what should happen in the future. This is perfectly ok. There is nothing inherently negative about having a different opinion to your partner. Difficulty comes when those two people are unable to agree on how to move forward and resolve those conflicts.