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Daily Happiness = Connection and Stronger Relationships

By Leslie Hodgins

When a mom feels safe to be happy, and is allowed to claim her own happiness, she creates better connections. She’s able to have a better relationship with herself, her SO and her kids. This also ripples out to her clients, friends, colleagues.

Something I’ve noticed about moms, is that if you want something done, see a mom about it. They will literally shift worlds to make it happen. And they will do everything in their power to make sure their loved ones, friends , kiddos are given time, grace, and kindness. Yet they don’t keep any for themselves and are often the first to be judged and shamed if they do.

Society has taught us to assume, out of fear, that if a mom owns her happiness and self worth, she will hoard it and abandon her loved ones, or neglect her kids. I can honestly say, for the most part, this is not true. A mom will share her happiness, and build people up. She will stay connected because she knows how it feels to be alone. It’s like when she has chocolate, she won’t eat it all, even if she could. She’ll share it happily, and then those around her are also happy.

Moms are the first to give and the last to take. Yet, they are expected to act as if this isn’t necessary, as if their cup will never be empty. But when it does, it’s their fault. This results in moms closing off, not connecting with others and feeling alone. They are in a forced survival mode. And they lose the connection to themselves and the relationships they had with others.

This is where I come in. I work with moms to feel safe in creating their own happiness and confidence, allowing them to embrace it without the guilt and shame attached, and I’m there to give motivation and guide them in the right direction. I reconnect them to themselves and allow them to rebuild that relationship to themselves. This helps them feel stronger, more confident, and more aware of their worth which leads to a change in energy and attitude. A mom who knows her worth, makes herself happy and doesn’t let the thoughts of other bother her, is a powerful force.

We are all deserving of Love, connection, and happiness. Moms are no different in that regard. So if you’re a mom who is looking to have more happiness in her life and is done feeling guilty about wanting it, let’s connect. I would love to meet you and see how I can help you with this powerful goal.

Look me up on Facebook (Leslie Hodgins) or Insta (@quirkycoffeemama) and send me a message.

If you’d like other resources, join my FB group (MomsUnleashed: Embracing Quirks, Sarcasm and Joyful Journeys) or watch my (undergoing changes) YouTube channel (@QuirkyCoffeeMama).


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