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Being A Spiritually Awakened Parent

By Kelly Pearson

Parenting is the biggest challenge that anybody will ever face. It is the opportunity to raise another human being, to help them learn and grow, and to guide them on their journey through life. For spiritually awakened parents, parenting is even more meaningful. You see your children as souls who are here to learn and grow, and you are committed to raising them in a way that honours their highest potential.

Once you have spiritually awoken, you learn that the way you were parented is not the way you want to parent your children. You are starting to see that around you, as a society we have been conditioned to believe that it is normal to hold emotions in and not express them. We have also been conditioned to believe that children’s meltdowns are not ok and are a display of ‘naughty behaviour’.

But in fact, the behaviour is a need that children are trying to communicate with you because they cannot verbalise this overwhelming emotion they are feeling. Your triggers and reactive behaviour are not down to your children’s behaviour but to something within you that feels unsafe, or your subconscious has created a limiting belief around. Here are 5 tips to overcome your triggers and patterns:

  1. Reflect on when you’ve felt triggered and what was going on at the time. Was your child displaying ‘challenging’ behaviour and how were you feeling in that moment?

  2. Recognise how you reacted, what could you have done differently? What didn’t you like how you reacted in that moment?

  3. Journal why do I react or feel like that? Whatever comes up even if consciously you do not believe it, it is your subconscious speaking to you and letting you know.

  4. Work on yourself now that you’ve recognised the patterns of your triggers, it’s time to do the inner work and be kind to yourself whilst acknowledging the feelings that do come up.

  5. Change how you react next time!

The work starts within yourself because you’ve got to reparent yourself and heal your inner child to become the conscious parent you want to be to your children. Being a spiritually awakened parent is an amazing thing which you are always developing which comes with epic breakthroughs. Through my own spiritual awakening I have managed to put in place boundaries to protect my energy and showcase my true authentic self.

I can help you to identify those triggers and patterns to become confident and calm in your approach with your children. I can give you the tools and strategies to support you in working with your child and developing an even closer bond with them. Get in touch with me if you want to book a free 15-minute discovery call to discuss what’s going on for you and your parenting journey.

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