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Balancing Mom Life and Entrepreneurship Through Automation

By Luvyna Mantle

As a mom and entrepreneur, finding balance can often feel like chasing a mirage—always visible, yet just out of reach. Mine has made several pivots both big and small from a virtual assistant to running my own tech business, all while keeping family at the core of my daily life.

When my oldest was born, I was living overseas with the Army. Those days were filled with the new joys of motherhood, but I was bored and missed the challenges and accomplishments that came with a corporate career. So when we moved back to the States, I climbed to a director-level position as a civilian in the Air Force. While I had the challenge again, I missed the time spent away from my family.

This was a slap in the face and I knew something had to change, so I dived into the world of online entrepreneurship. Starting as a virtual assistant, I gradually transitioned to becoming a tech integrator and strategist, a role that allowed me the flexibility to be present for my children and manage our family ranch. The transition wasn't just a career shift; it was a reshaping of my entire life's structure, driven by the necessity to align my career with my role as a mom and wife.

The pivot to automating my business was less about choice and more about necessity. Automation has allowed me to manage client work, grow my business, and still participate actively in family life. Systems and processes in my business run like well-oiled machines, booking calls, and closing sales, even when I'm away from my desk. This isn't just about convenience; it's about creating a sustainable business model that doesn't require my constant, hands-on presence.

One of the most transformative aspects of automation for me has been managing the family ranch and planning meals for my family. Outsourcing meal planning and automating grocery shopping might seem minor, but they have freed up immense mental space and reduced daily stress. These tasks, automated through thoughtful planning and tech tools, ensure that even when life feels overwhelming, our home runs smoothly.

For any mom feeling overwhelmed by the weight of entrepreneurship and family responsibilities, consider this: automation is not just a business tool; it's a lifestyle strategy. It supports your business and personal life, giving you back time and energy that can be spent on what truly matters—your family and your passions.

Embracing automation doesn't mean losing the personal touch in your business or family life. It means enhancing your ability to perform at your best across all areas of life. If you're struggling to find balance, look into automating parts of your business or home life. Start small, perhaps by automating appointment reminders or streamlining your client onboarding process, and gradually build from there.

Remember, the goal of automation is not to create a business that runs itself without you but to create a business that supports the life you dream of—a life where you can be present for the big moments, without sacrificing the success of your entrepreneurial ventures.


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