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Podcast Guest

Would you like to be a guest on the Peanut App LIVE PODCAST with award winning Love Educator & Relationship Coach Railey Molinario?

As a Professional on the Peanut app, Railey is looking to provide as much value to women by giving them tools and techniques to THRIVE! Her group Sex & Relationships has nearly 30,000 women who are ready for your support.

Subjects should be related to:

  • Nutrition (plant based)

  • Weight loss & Fitness

  • Empowerment

  • Self Care

  • Business & Entrepreneurship

  • Motherhood and Parenting

Please fill out the form below with a clear pitch of what you would like to discuss during the podcast. If selected, we will get back to you via email for follow up information.

We're all about creating AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS. Let's connect on instagram.

Our podcast is free to join. We do appreciate donations to support our group members receive tools and techniques to allow them to thrive. Simply buy us a coffee to show your support.


Thanks for submitting!
We’ll get back to you shortly if it's a fit.

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